I’m Nick, I’ve been taking photos for 15 years and shooting weddings for around three. It’s not a full-time job for me, I’m currently studying psychology, however I honestly love capturing weddings and I’m excited about where this line of work might take me.

I understand completely how you might feel anxious about being in front of the camera all day, I know this because I too am usually avoiding having my photograph taken at all costs. Luckily, I can capture great natural looking images without making you feel uncomfortable or forcing you to stare down the lens and smile for hours on end. I look at it like this, it’s your big day, you’ve spent a lot of time and money ensuring that it is everything you’ve ever wanted and therefor the most important thing is that you enjoy every minute of it. I won’t hijack your day, photos are extremely important granted, but enjoying the moment is the most important thing.  Of course, on the flip side if you love the camera and want a million ‘gram worthy’ photos then I can play that game too. When you’ve nailed the location, the light is on point, you and the bridal party are glowing and love is clearly in the air, I often have to force myself to say ‘that’s enough’.


Final plug, I currently only do around a 10-15 weddings annually, this means I have plenty of time for you. I like to meet up at least once or twice before the day so we can get to know each other and ultimately have you both feel more comfortable on the day. I’ll never leave a wedding because the time is up, I leave when I’ve captured every important moment. I’ll have a bunch of edits ready for you within a couple of days and I have a very short turnaround on receiving the final product as I am not backlogged with dozens of other weddings. I pride myself on my commitment to each client and I’m still very humbled by each new couple putting their faith in me to capture their special day. I love this job and the people I get to meet because of it.