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I’ve been meaning to re-write this bio for a good two years but every time I try, I keep thinking I’m over thinking it and I wind up leaving it for ‘later’. So here it is, short and sharp. My fifth attempt. I absolutely adore my job, it’s a passion and because of that I’m good at it (sorry if this sounds boastful, I just want you to trust me). When it comes to your wedding day you want to be confident that this person capturing it won’t mess it up or make your day unenjoyable. To assure you I won’t do either of these things I always want to meet in person before, ideally at the very start, shortly after reading this! I find this just breaks down barriers that exist between strangers and by the time your wedding days rolls around we could fool your friends and family into thinking we are old mates! Why? Because of the photos, great wedding photos are one part technical ability and two parts understanding people. You’ve got to be having fun and the photos will take care of themselves. So, what are you waiting for? Flick me a message and lets catch up for a drink and a chat about how big of a celebration you are set to have!

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